Contribution Guideline

The following document describes how to contribute to the STRØM 1.0 project.

Contributing to the STRØM project

:blush: I am honored that you are considering to contribute to this project. Thank you! :blush:

The following guidelines are created to make it easier to start contributing to the project, but they are not rules, merely guidelines. Use common sense and please feel free to update this document with a pull request.

I just have a question. What do I do?

If you have a question or comment to an existing issue simply just ask it in a new comment on that specific issue.

Otherwise feel free to create a new discussion topic on the discussion section.

In what way can I contribute?

All and any contribution are welcome. A single comment on an existing issue can offer valuable insight into a specific topic, so don’t hold back on comments on existing tasks and problems.

Other ways to contribute are, just to name a few, are:

  • write better/more documentation

  • improve the CAD design files for ease of production

  • extend the software platform

There’s many aspects of this project so chip in with your knowledge. That is the best contribution of all :muscle:

Create a Pull Request (PR)

All changes to the code base or the documentation are handled through pull requests. This means that any contribution that consists of a change to the code based must be submitted as a PR. Please also link your PR to an existing issue or create a new one if needed.

Each PR will be reviewed by the code owner before it can merged.

Suggest a missing feature

If you miss a specific feature or functionality, then create a new feature request issue, where you described the requested feature in detail.

Something doesn’t work

If you have found a bug, then please create a detailed bug report by creating a new issue of type bug.

Change impact

With any PR it is important to have in mind how this PR will affect the existing functionality and hardware in the wild. Therefore a few lables are made available to indicate the impact of each PR. The following lables are available:

  • patch

  • minor

  • major

Add one of these lable to your PR to help in the review process. These lables are also used when calculating the next potential version tag when merging the PR.