An Open Source Wireless Streaming Speaker

The Strøm open source speaker project have been started with the main goal of creating a fully functional “streaming speaker”, but as an open sourced product. One that you can choose to buy fully built and tested, or choose to built it yourself.

Read on below to get a high level Introduction to the project as a whole.


Strøm speaker in conifer linoleum and blue fabric on the soft top.

Introduction to the project

The primary features of the Strøm speaker are:

  • Minimalistic design language

  • Playback via Spotify Connect and Bluetooth

  • Wall mountable

  • Sustainable materials

Making it a modern, minimalistic and fully capable speaker.

Motivation for starting the STRØM 1.0 project

Project goals

Project history

Initially started as an OPEN!NEXT demonstrator project in December 2021. The project was started by Tue Dissing.

Contributing to the project

Interested in contributing to the project? Then please take a quick look at the contribution guideline beforehand. You find the contribution guide here and in the GitHub repo as well: LydByDissing/stroem/

Last updated

The mainline documentation have last been updated at 2023-02-02.


This project is licenced under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 license.