Speaker Parts and Assembly

The speaker cabinet are constructed from MDF, as this material is well suited for this type of application. Both the low internal damping, as well as the ease of processing, of this material makes it a good choice for constructing speaker cabinets.

To minimize the overall volume of the cabinet, a sealed construction is chosen. Each driver, does in fact, have its own internal cabinet. This is done to minimize the internal interference between the drivers; hence limiting interference artifacts.

Each speaker part have its own unique ID to make it easier to identify the correct part. Externally sourced parts will likely also have a SKU or similar.

Cabinet construction

To ensure an easy assembly of the speaker cabinet, a sandwish construction is used. This makes it easy to construct the different layers and, at the same time, simplifying the construction of this semi complex cabinet. This also makes it possible to machine all the individual layers on a CNC. This comes in handy when utilizing decentrilized manufactoring.

Further details on the cabinet assembly can be found in the assembly section.