Cabinet Baffle

Part description

The baffle are where the speaker drivers are mounted. They are counting sunk into the baffle, so the top of the driver matches the top of the baffle. For each driver four screw holes are made to fasten the driver to the baffle.

Three assembly-guiding holes are also cut in to the baffle. This helps aligning the different layers with each other.

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For further details about the assembly, take a closer look at the assembly description.

Drawing with measurements of the baffle


Add feature to ensure proper mounting of the soft top frame to the baffle.


The top of the baffle must be finished with a paint, complementary to the hue of the soft top fabric. If the fabric are of a light hue, then a white paint must be applied – RAL9010 for instance – and when are darker hue of fabric are used, then a black finish must be applied – something like RAL9005 will suffice.

The surface finish of the paint are allowed to be a rough and matte finish, as the top of baffle are covered by the soft top fabric under normal operation.


Depending on the requirements with regards to MDF degassing, this cabinet part only needs limited finishing, or a full pain job.


Download the drawing as a PDF baffle-drawing.pdf.

Download the CAD file in .STEP format baffle.step.

Fusion 360 Source Files

The model is developed in Fusion 360. To access the original Fusion 360 source files, follow the link below.

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