Power Brick

Parts Description

When creating an active speaker, it will need power. For this project we have settled on a barrel styled power plug. These type of power supplies readable available are relatively inexpensive, but not any old power supply will do. There’s are few requirements that is required to be met. Please see the tables below for further details.

Electrical requirements for the power brick

Mains range

Output Voltage

Output Wattage

100V - 240V



Physical requirements

Plug type

Plug dimensions

Cable length

Barrel, male

5,5mm x 2,1mm


Sourcing requirements


When sourcing a power brick (power supply), it is really important that set power supply is CE approved, as well as RoHS compliant. Therefore only approved power supplies must be used and supplied to the end customer.

Currently the only approved power supply is this one from Mean Well: GST60A18-P1J.